Tracks & Sessions


This year's Global Summit will offer 20 breakout sessions: 5 core tracks focused on topics SVP Partners and Staff have identified as central to our work: Impact Investing, Capacity-Building, Equity & Social Justice, Community Impact and Strategic Philanthropy.


Impact Investing

A broad range of financial mechanisms exist — beyond traditional philanthropic funding — that can direct much needed capital to community-based impact organizations. You'll hear SVPs discuss the ways they've invested in impact, visit a Chicago incubator and impact fund, and explore the possibilities in your own community.


Equity & Social Justice

One of our greatest challenges is understanding and undoing the influence of structural racism, interpersonal bias, and systems of oppression on our affiliates, our model, our network and ourselves. These sessions will explore the ways in which we may be complicit in — or perpetuating — the very problems we seek to solve, and how we can work to change that. All attendees will be encouraged to participate in at least one social justice and equity session.


Community Impact

The true value of engaged philanthropy is lasting, self-evident community impact. Hear from SVPs who have reframed the way they're setting and achieving audacious goals; working at the systems level to address persistent community needs; and involving impacted communities, community partners and SVP Partners in defining and achieving success.


Capacity Building

Capacity building develops core skills, leadership, culture, management practices, strategies, and the systems that enhance an organization’s effectiveness, sustainability, and ability to fulfill its mission. Hear from SVP Staff and Partners about initiatives to strengthen and self-sustain, in addition to new models building the capacity of SVP-supported nonprofits.


Strategic Philanthropy

In these sessions, The Philanthropy Workshop distills their 3-week course for global philanthropists on creating a strategic framework that leads to measurable, lasting results. Sessions are designed to enable both organizations and individuals to become more impactful change-makers in their communities.