Capacity Building


Shared Services: Supporting Investees with Fundraising + IT

Presenters: Dara Parker (Executive Director at SVP Vancouver) and Amanda Burrows (Fundraising Trainer at SVP Vancouver)

SVP Vancouver recently initiated a Shared Services pilot project that builds fundraising and IT capacity with SVP Investees. The pilot was funded 50% through general revenue, and 50% through co-funding from Partners. Join us to learn why and how it was set up, and get a 1st year progress report of findings, challenges, and new opportunities presented by the program.

Fast Pitching Across the Network

Facilitator: Betsy Densmore (SVP Los Angeles Partner) 

This highly interactive session will allow SVP staff and Partners to share best practices with and learn from each other. If you’re thinking of starting a pitch competition at your Affiliate, or if you want to get fresh ideas from other SVPs’ Fast Pitch or bigBang! programs, then this is the session for you!

Positioning Non-Profits for Scale

Presenters: Kathleen Kelly Janus (Social Entrepreneur & Author, Social Startup Success), Keith Kegley (SVP Boulder County Partner and SVPI Board Member)

From key strategies that position organizations to break through $2 million in annual revenue and beyond, to a framework for nonprofit organizations to have the vision and ability to achieve $50-100 million in revenue, join us to break the business as usual cycle and position your organization to scale.

Partner Engagement: A First Step Toward Impact

Presenters: Ciara Garcia (Executive Director at SVP Tucson), Rebecca Stephens (Director of Partner Engagement at SVP Seattle) and Jen Bowen Flynn (Assosiate Director at SVP Boston)

Partners engage with SVP's in many ways. From capacity building initiatives with community partners, to shared learning opportunities with other philanthropists (and so much more!), this session will highlight successful models of engaging Partners at different Affiliates around the SVP Network and how a shared philosophy for engagement is making all the difference.

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