Community Impact


Innovations for Impact in Chicago

Presenters: Evelyn Kuo Fitzgerald (Executive Director at SVP Chicago), and Seth Green (Founding Director at Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility, Loyola University),  Will Towns, (Executive Director of Benefit Chicago), Christina Krasov (Chief Strategy Officer at Thrive Chicago) and Roseanna Ander (Founding Executive Director of the Crime Lab and the Education Lab at University of Chicago's Urban Labs)

SVP International, SVP Chicago and the Baumhart Center invite you to a leadership gathering to discuss and explore Chicago-based innovations in social impact that are reshaping our community and world. The discussion will open with snapshot presentations (think TED talk) on three such innovations in impact; then you’ll join leaders from around the world for small group discussions on how to best to seed and support the next generation of social impact leaders and institutions.

The Giving Code: Mindsets and Approaches of New Donors 

Presenters: Heather McCleod Grant (Co-Founder and Managing Director at Open Impact)

Exploring both the supply and demand side of local philanthropy, this session will draw on Open Impact’s two years of research on motivations and barriers to giving, including The Giving Code: Silicon Valley Nonprofits and Philanthropy, and The Giving Journey: Guiding New Donors to Actualized Philanthropy. In this interactive session, Heather will share insights about what motivates high net worth donors to give, ideas for how to keep them connected, and advice for nonprofits seeking to better engage these donors.

Finding Your Voice in the Policy Arena

Presenters: Cynthia Schaal (Chief Programs Officer at Exponent Philanthropy), Mark Holloway (Executive Director at SVP Portland) and Mike Quinn (Director of Community Investment at SVP Seattle)

As a philanthropist, your voice carries tremendous weight in the policy arena. Learn about common entry points to getting involved in advocacy, and five practical ways to influence the policy landscape of an issue to get at the root of problems and catalyze wide-scale change. Be inspired by case examples of successful policy engagement by fellow SVP Partners.

Shifting to a Community Focus

Presenters: Mark Holloway (Executive Director of SVP Portland), Mark Argosh (Executive Director at SVP Connecticut), Jamie Damsker (Partner at SVP Charleston) and Tim Schottman (CEO at SVPI)

In this session facilitated by SVP International CEO, Tim Schottman, three leaders in the network articulate why being “community-centric” is so important in defining our vision, our impact, our strategies, and our values. They will also share perspectives on how being clear on desired impact can energize Affiliates and Partners, leading to greater growth and engagement.

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