Content Overview


2019's summit will gather our network to examine the meaning of servant leadership and centering impacted and historically marginalized communities.

In conversation with leaders from our network and the social sector at-large, we will dive deeper into these key questions through all tracks and sessions:

  • How does historical context show up today? How do we acknowledge this history so that we can move forward? What do we need to unlearn and relearn in order to do this?

  • How do we show up in ways that allow us to be transformed and also in ways that allow us to contribute to transformation.

  • How do we honor communities we seek to work with?

  • What is our role? How can we channel our power and privilege to move power and resources where they are most needed?

  • How do we actively participate in building solutions?

  • Why do we show up to do this work? Why do we stay? How do we benefit?