Equity & Social Justice


Engaging Key Stakeholders on Equity Values

Presenters: Ciara Garcia (Executive Director at SVP Tucson) and Melinda Gross (Director of Equity and Engagement at SVP Portland)

Join us for sharing and insights from three Affiliates that have started talking about issues of equity with their Partners and other stakeholders over recent months and years. Learn how their very different approaches have opened different conversations and revealed new lessons and opportunities for engagement. You'll leave with tools and best practices to start or continue your Affiliate's conversation with stakeholders as well.

Operationalizing Equity Values

Facilitator: Melinda Gross (Director of Equity and Engagement at SVP Portland)

Presenters: Solynn McCurdy (CEO at SVP Seattle), Christine Margiotta (Executive Director at SVP Los Angeles), Esther Goldberg-Davis (Deputy Director at SVP Minnesota), and

Join four SVP leaders that are already implementing changes in their work based on organizational commitments to equity and social justice. They'll share how action became necessary, as well as resources and examples of what they've done to move the needle in their organizations. Come prepared for a frank and honest participatory discussion about the challenges, and rewards, this work will present.

Global Perspectives on Equity & the SVP Model

Presenters: Dara Parker (Executive Director at SVP Vancouver), Ganesh Natarajan (Chair at SVP India and SVPI Board Member), Takashi Fujimura (COO at SVP Tokyo)

Equity and Social Justice are important concepts that are increasingly being referenced in the US and Canada, however much of the conversation centres a Western and North American perspective. Join us for a welcoming and frank dialogue with our global SVP Partners, to unpack "Equity and Social Justice" in countries around the world. What does this mean for out international Affiliates, and how does it show up in their work?

SVP Community of Practice Launch

Presenters: Cathy Lehman (Director of Programs and Operations at SVPI), Guff Van Vooren (Partner and Board Member at SVP Minnesota), Melinda Gross (Director of Equity and Engagement at SVP Portland)

This highly interactive session is for SVP staff and Partners looking to explore helpful topics and tactics supporting their commitment toward a more equitable and socially just approach to our work. This will be the official launch of a NEW Equity & Social Justice Community of Practice, but all are welcome to join regardless of their longterm plans to participate. If you want to be in community with other SVP'ers seeking to take further steps on their equity journey, then this is the session for you.


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