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The SVP movement is powered by its people: a 3400-strong, worldwide network of social sector innovators who share the goal of a better tomorrow through engaged philanthropy. These are just a few of the partners in change that have joined us for global gatherings over the years.

Joined us for an SVP global gathering in years past?



Evelyn Kuo Fitzgerald

SVP Chicago

I'm a true believer in the transformational power of engaged philanthropy — SVP Proud! The opportunity to connect with and learn from SVPers from around the world is what I find most meaningful about our gatherings. Not only do we benefit from sharing best practices, but it's incredibly inspirational to connect with so many people who believe that together, we can make a real impact in our communities. 

Evelyn has helped fuel SVP since 2012, when she was invited to a kickoff meeting for SVP Chicago — and was then asked to launch it! This year's summit will be her 4th SVP global conference. Learn more about Evelyn and SVP Chicago.


Solynn McCurdy

SVP Seattle

I’m eager to build strong relationships with other Affiliates and glean insights from their knowledge. I attended the Portland Learning Lab last fall, and found the experience to be very rewarding. This is also a substantial inflection point for SVP Seattle (and others) as we take a more explicit focus on racial equity in our community investment and partner programs. It’s critical for the entire network to rally around this shared vision to disrupt the power dynamic in philanthropy and seek ways to address pervasive disparities in our communities.

Solynn began his SVP journey as a corporate partner in 2016 and became SVP Seattle's CEO in 2017. This will be is first SVP global conference. Learn more about Solynn and SVP Seattle.


Cameron Law

SVP Sacramento

I am truly thrilled to have the opportunity to immerse myself into a network of passionate individuals who have set their sights on creating a better world through engaged philanthropy. The ability to gain a broader perspective from SVP Affiliates around the globe allows each of us to walk away with a greater understanding of the challenges present in our communities and the solutions we set forth in creating impact. By sharing best practices and empowering one another with the tools and strategies to enact change we begin to see how as SVPers we can create significant impact, one community at a time.

Cameron recently joined the SVP community as the executive director of SVP Sacramento. This is his first ever SVP Global Summit. Learn more about Cameron and the work at SVP Sacramento.


Ciara Garcia

SVP Tucson

The global gatherings are an exciting opportunity to connect with the people doing this work in other parts of the world. I always come away from SVP events with new ideas, fresh insight, deeper inspiration, and new friends.

With more than ten years’ experience in nonprofit leadership and building collaborative teams, Ciara joined the SVP movement when she became the Executive Director of SVP Tucson — her "dream job"! — in 2015. This will be her 2nd SVP global conference. Learn more about Ciara and SVP Tucson.


Sofia Michelakis

SVP Seattle & SVP International

I always leave these gatherings inspired by the creativity around the network. It's been amazing to see the SVP network grow and hear about innovative ideas emerging. I like to think of the SVP network as an incubator for great ideas in philanthropy, and the Summit brings us all together so we can learn from one another and replicate what's working across the globe.

Sofia Michelakis became SVP International Board Chair this year. This will be her 10th SVP global conference. Learn more about Sofia.


Daniel Tisch


SVP Toronto

I’ve just celebrated my tenth anniversary with the Social Venture Partners movement – a love affair that started when I became a founding partner in SVP Toronto. SVP has helped transform the way I live my life. It taught me to reflect on my values and theory of change, and then to think and act strategically as a philanthropist and citizen. I come to the global conferences for the people – so smart, generous, open, inspiring and fun. SVP brings out the best people, and the best in people. 

Dan is one of Canada’s best-known leaders in public relations, communications and reputation management, and serves on the SVP International Board of Directors. This will be his 11th SVP global conference. Learn more about Dan.


Sierra Visher Kroha

SVP San Diego

I love the opportunity to meet other SVP staff and learn from their experience. Plus, when our whole network is gathered together the conversations are truly elevated as so many intelligent, engaged, and generous people come every year. It's inspiring to hear what is working in other affiliates and imagine what more we can do together. It's fun to be with people that don't just care about giving back- they care about giving back well! When I joined SVP in 2014 I knew right away that I had found my professional "home".

Sierra became the Executive Director of SVP San Diego in 2016 and this will be her 4th SVP global conference. Learn more about Sierra and the work of SVP San Diego.


Ann Herzog-Olson

SVP Minnesota

I would not miss the Summit! It's a unique opportunity to intermingle with my peers — SVP Affiliate leaders. The Summit also provides the chance to build relationships with SVPI staff, Partners and Community Partners from many states and nations, and learn from social change agents around the globe. I take away many innovation ideas but more importantly, I create stronger bonds with other human beings interested in accelerating the most promising nonprofits.

Ann is SVP Minnesota's Executive Director, and this will be her 5th global conference. Learn more about her.


Dara Parker

SVP Vancouver

My favorite part of SVP gatherings is meeting people from other Affiliates. Talking to people who are doing the same thing — in 40 different ways — makes for rich conversation and learning! It's a pleasure to be part of a network where the common purpose is making our communities stronger and healthier. I love learning from our nonprofits and our partners —they are always challenging me to be better in what we do!

Dara joined the SVP movement in 2016, when she became Executive Director of SVP Vancouver — a position she discovered thanks to a tip from her mom! This will be her 4th SVP global convening. Learn more about Dara and the great work going on at SVP Vancouver.


Madge Vasquez

SVP Austin / Mission Capital

I’m eager to meet other change-makers within the SVP network, to build relationships and to share best practices that support social equity, economic vitality and community transformation. I'm most excited about joining fellow SVP Staff and Partners who are focused on engaging philanthropists, social innovators and non-profits to respond to critical social issues. By sharing Mission Capital’s hybrid model of combining both nonprofit consulting and capacity building with the entrepreneurial spirit of SVP, I hope to spark conversations and gain insight about the various ways other chapters are creating lasting change. 

Madge became the CEO at Mission Capital (SVP Austin) this year, and this will be her first SVP Global Summit.

Learn more about Madge and the work of Mission Capital.


Mike Cadigan


SVP Seattle

As I meet more and more partners in Seattle and across the SVP Network, I continue to be amazed by the smart, motivated people driving change in the community. I'm going again this year to stay connected and learn from other SVP Affiliates. I'm particularly interested in the equity and impact investing tracks featured at the conference this year. 

Mike joined the SVP movement in 2000 and joined the SVP International Board of Directors in January of this year. This will be his 8th global conference. Learn more about him.


Patricia Andrade

SVP Tucson

The global conferences are a booster shot of inspiration for me.  I enjoy connecting with SVP Partners from around the globe, learning best practices and being a part of a network that challenges us to take more powerful and meaningful action. The engaged venture philanthropy model was a huge draw for me and my husband — a  refreshing and meaningful approach to amplify contributions beyond those as an individual donors, board members and volunteers. It was an opportunity to work alongside caring, passionate people to make a greater difference.

This is Patricia's 10th year as an SVP Partner, and she now serves on the SVP International Board of Directors. This will be her 4th global conference. Learn more about her.


Sandra Hughes


SVP Cincinnati

The annual global conference is an adrenaline rush for me! There are so many people in one place who have the same common objective to do good for the world. I always come away with new friends and a head full of ideas for SVP but also other endeavors in my life. It’s time and money well spent for my own personal and professional growth. 

Sandra joined the SVP movement in 2011 after a decades-long global career with Procter & Gamble, and led SVP Cincinnati through a very successful growth strategy. She also serves on SVP International's Board of Directors. Learn more about her.


Heather Karriker

SVP Charlotte

I have attended one global conference and LOVED it. The connections to other SVP Affiliates and the wealth of information in such a short amount of time are what keep me coming back. It also provides time for staff to think broader about great ideas to bring back to Charlotte. Every SVP Affiliate does things a little differently, so it is wonderful to have the opportunity to hear what works well across the globe. I felt that SVP was my way to do that — and it was!

Heather joined the SVP movement in 2015, when she was working in public education and decided she wanted to be a part of larger, systemic change. She has been SVP Charlotte's Associate Director for a little over two years. Learn more about her.


Robin Minick

SVP Dallas

I learn something substantive from every conference, but it's meeting partners from all over the world and hearing their perspectives that interests me most. SVP really has been the catalyst for shifting my career to full-time engaged philanthropy.

Robin is Vice President and Foundation Director of The Real Estate Council Foundation, is an SVP Dallas Partner, and also serves on the SVP International Board of Directors. This will be her 6th SVP global conference. Learn more about Robin and her incredible work with SVP. 


Caroline Linden

SVP Cleveland

I've been to every SVP global gathering since October 2013. I love convening with like-minded individuals from all around the world! The most meaningful thing, besides the relationships formed, is the idea-sharing between SVP Affiliates.

Heavily involved in organizations related to social justice, nonprofits, philanthropy, and capacity-building prior to her time with us, Caroline found the SVP movement thanks to a fortuitous Google search: "venture philanthropy Cleveland" — what she calls "a match made in heaven!"

Caroline is Manager of Programs and Operations at SVP Cleveland. Learn more about her.


Ganesh Natarajan

SVP Pune

I wouldn't miss it. The Summit is a very rich source of new ideas on collaborative philanthropy and I found some the sessions last year in Los Angeles truly enthralling.

Ganesh joined the SVP movement in 2014, and this will be his third SVP Summit. He is Executive Chairman and Founder of 5F World, a platform for Digital Start-ups, Skills and Social Ventures, as well as Chairman of Global Talent Track and Skills Alpha. Ganesh also serves on the SVP International Board of Directors. This will be his 3rd SVP global conference. Learn more about him here, as well as SVP India's Million Jobs Mission.


Esther Goldberg-Davis

SVP Minnesota

As my role evolves at SVP Minnesota, I like having the resources, best practices and talent of the SVP Network available to us. We are a small office, but being part of a larger global network allows us access to ideas and practices that we may not think of ourselves. Similarly, we can share with others the things that work well. It's a great balance between local independence and a larger sense of belonging. 

Esther joined the SVP movement in 2016 and is now the Deputy Director at SVP Minnesota. This will be her very first SVP global convening. Learn more about Esther.


Joined us for gatherings in years past? 

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